Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a summary of our most asked questions!  We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have!  We have a dedicated sales staff, who are always willing to help! No question is too small...

Artificial Turf Questions

Q. Why should I choose artificial turf for my lawn?

          A. Turf not only saves you money in the long run, but it also saves you time spent on lawn maintenance.  No more mowing, fertilizing, and watering. Your lawn can become the talk of the neighborhood. While others are pushing mowers in the summer heat, you can sit back and enjoy gazing at your beautiful lawn. Save money by conserving water, lawn care services, and expensive sod grass!

Q. Why are so many athletic fields converting to artificial turf?

       A.. Coaches are minimizing long-run costs of upkeep on natural grass fields by converting to artificial turf. They recognize the need to protect players from injuries that can occur from uneven surfaces and slippery surfaces. Spectators are happy that games no longer have to be cancelled due to muddy fields.

Q. Will Turf stand up against various climate changes, such as rain or snow?

         A. Absolutely! Turf is made to withstand rain, snow, and all other elements it may be up against. Its permeable surface allows it to drain well. No more standing water when it rains and no more muddy footprints to mop up in your home. Try a test on our sample turf!

Q. Does your Turf come with a warranty?

         A. YES!  All of our turf comes with an 8-year warranty!  The manufacturer covers the first 8 years, but don't worry. Our turf is made to last up to 15 years.  The warranty covers workmanship, uneven fading, and fiber degeneration. We will give you all information regarding your warranty either before you place an order at your request, or after the order is complete.  We are so sure of our turf that we are willing  to provide you with an 8-year warranty!

Q. Is your turf manufactured in the USA?

        A. Yes!  All our turf is manufactured in the USA (Calhoun,GA), and we stand behind our products.  Beware of products made in China. They may have a discounted price, but they won't come with a warranty and the workmanship is poor!

Q. How do I clean the turf?

        A. Turf needs very little maintenance, which is why most homeowners choose to have turf!  In the fall, you may want to use a rake to gather up the leaves. If someone tracks their muddy footprints across your turf, you can easily spray them off with a hose.

Q. What happens if my dog has an "accident" on the turf?

       A. If your dog or any other animal has an "accident" on the turf, simply let the feces dry, and then scoop it up. In worst case scenarios, a water hose or a little soapy water should do the trick!

Q. What does the term "face weight" mean?

      A: We give all the weights of our products in "face weight", which means we are weighing the product for yarn only. The backing material adds about 20-25 ounces per yard to the "total weight" of the product.  In order to compare apples to apples, you will need to use the face weight of a company's turf in order to compare with our turf.  For example, If we say that our product is 48 oz. "face weight" and another company says their turf is 73 oz. "total weight", then both products weigh exactly the same.

Q:  What does the pile height refer to?

     A: Pile Height refers to the length of the blade of grass from the backing to the tip of the grass. Carpet style turf has a shorter pile, which can eliminate the need for infill.

Q:   How do I choose which turf is best for me?

     A: There are many varieties of turf available. More people choose longer grass-like blades for outdoor areas. Padding allows the blades to stand tall. For indoors, more people choose carpet type turf with a shorter pile, which is easy to install. Carpet style turf can either be padded or unpadded.  We can help you find the right turf to fit your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Payment Questions

Q. I don't feel secure purchasing with a credit card over the internet. How can I purchase?

        A. You always have the option to deal with us directly!  We encourage our customers to give us a call and let us explain how the process works!  We are available 7 days a week, and we look forward to hearing from you!  We always use the most confidential secure ways to take payment!

Q. What forms of payments do you accept?

        A. At the time, we accept Visa, Mastercard, money order, Paypal, check,. (However, we will have to let the check clear before we are able to release the material.) and cashier's check.

Shipping Questions

Q. How will my order ship? Will I recieve a tracking number?

        A. Your order will ship via a freight-line company, either Xpress Global Services Incorporated or SouthEastern Freght Lines  Once your order has shipped, we will send you a tracking number via email to track your shipment.  If you have ANY questions, you may contact us and we will be happy to help!

Q.  Where will my turf ship?

        A. We are able to ship turf nationwide and as always, shipping has extremely low rates!  We are able to ship to residential areas, but a residential fee of $85.00 will be incurred.  We do ship to terminals and businesses.  If you request shipment to a residential area, it is your responsibility to have hands available to unload the turf from the truck.  We always prefer having the turf shipped to a business to assist in this process, but it isn't mandatory.

Q.  How fast will I be able to recieve my turf?

         A. Almost every order ships within 1 day, depending on what part of the country you live in. You should be able to recieve your order in about a week, sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later, but it is a very rapid process!  If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call. If we should have any problems with your order, we will be sure to contact you ASAP!


Installation Questions

Q. How should I install my turf?

        A. Most turf can be done DIY, but we have detailed installation instructions that we can email to you anytime!

Q: Can I install the turf myself?

       A: The answer is YES!  We have a variety of customers from young to old(er) that install the turf themselves.  Once you read through the instructions, you should have a great understanding of how the process works, and it can work for anyone!  Of course, if you should run into any issues, we are always here to help!

Q:  Do you sell the materials needed to install?

      A: We focus our attention directly on manufacturing and distributing turf. We do not sell other installation materials, primarily because they can be picked up in the customer's local area, which will save time, money, and headaches from lost materials.  However, we do have seam tape that can be shipped directly to your door.