Landscaping Turf

You want your yard to look its absolute best at all times. We can help you make your dream a reality. Turf Factory Direct carries a wide selection of gorgeous, authentic-looking turf for your yard that will save you time, money, and back-breaking yardwork.

Once you experience the maintenance-free lifestyle of a synthetic turf yard, you will wonder why you ever wasted a weekend afternoon pushing a lawnmower. Today’s artificial turf products are so realistic. Check out our specialized products with brown thatching and prepare to be amazed!

You will be the envy of the neighborhood not only because of your perfect lawn, but because of the time you have to enjoy it with your friends and family instead of maintaining it. It will never be overgrown, never needs watering, and never leaks dangerous fertilizers.

Synthetic lawns are an ideal choice for the environment as well. They don’t require any watering, so they are a great money-saving solution especially for homes in harsh, dry climates. Our artificial turf products are made to last, giving you up to 25 years of freedom to enjoy a pet safe, kid safe, natural looking yard.

Our artificial turf products are manufactured in the USA, so you know that we only deliver the highest quality to you. Even better, our prices are the best in the business. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales professionals are waiting to help you find the perfect turf for your yard.

Get started today by contacting our team for more information.